31 5 / 2013


(this is the first time I’m reviewing anything, so umm…yeah)

This is the Chanel Rougue Coco No. 5 “Mademoiselle” it’s supposed to be the chameleon colour i.e. it’s supposed to look good with all skin tones. Basically its been described as the same colour as your lips, but one shade darker.

I picked this one on faith, because every review I read about this particular shade was positive. 

I have to say I’m in love with it. 

The packaging is simple and sleek, and the casing of the lipstick is really smooth so I can just slip it into my pocket. I really like the smell of all the Rouge Coco lipsticks (like roses) so that’s awesome too.

As for the colour, on me it’s like a light pinkish-peachy colour. It goes on smoothly, and gives really good and even coverage and the pigmentation is really nice. I have this problem that because most of the products available in the market are produced in western countries, some of them are not pigmented enough to show against my skin (which is a light/medium/warm). I really liked how it looked on me, I’d probably pair it with a more dramatic darker look for my eyes (but that’s me).

All that being said, it is an expensive one.

31 5 / 2013

Inglot AMC Eye Shadow #61 - Price: INR 350 (for the refill pan alone)

So I only just bought the refill pan, because I thought I had space in my palette, but I don’t so I guess I’ll have to buy another palette (yay, an excuse to buy more shadow, I’ve had my eye on a gold one)

Anyway, this shadow is super pigmented as per always with Inglot shadows, and the formula is blends easily. I do prefer Inglot to MAC shadows, because they have more variety (and also the price)

The colour is a charcoal blackish grey (it was located with the blues, because I found this while look for a matte navy blue shadow) with blue glitter. (It was love at first sight)

I’m thinking it’ll look great paired with MAC’s Deep Truth (which is a frosted royal blue)

Anyway I look forward to using it. (tomorrow!)